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A major challenge that potential investors face in Malaysia is that there is no single authority that is responsible for the approval of funds, grants and incentives. Therefore, it can be very tedious to obtain the relevant information from the different organisations, and then to try and understand their respective terms and conditions.

Adding to the complexity of this process is the fact that many of these grants seem to be overlapping with each other on the types of businesses that they cater to. For example, SMEs can apply for assistance from both SME Corporation and MIDA. However, what most investors may not know, is that the exact nature of the assistance differs, which is why it’s crucial to understand the fine print.

From the authorities’ point of view, discretion in divulging information is necessary in order to protect the funds from unwanted misuse or abuse. On the other hand, the lack of transparency can cause immense frustration for potential investors and increase their cost of doing business here.

At Crewstone International, we are able to ensure a win-win situation for all parties involved, by drawing on our extensive experience, to “handhold” potential investors throughout the application process right up to the acquisition of the relevant funding.

With full working knowledge of the industry and close rapport with the relevant government agencies and authorities, we can guide clients to meet the qualifying criteria with ease, as well as secure the appointments they need to push their application forward, and iron-out any discrepancies in the process.

In addition to streamlining the application process for potential investors and handholding them from the start of application to the implementation of the project, Crewstone’s continuous support also ensures that they are able to secure the desired funding to continue operating successfully in Malaysia.
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