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Our Services

Companies who are expanding their footprint in Malaysia, whether MNCs or SMEs, may not be aware of the many unwritten rules and practices that must be adhered to when setting up their operations here.

Fortunately, we have the required expertise to “handhold” businesses and lead them towards global growth. With extensive knowledge of the industry and strong support from our network of professional partners and business associates, we are able to guide clients through the various phases of growing their business locally, from site selection and cost negotiations to acquiring the relevant permits or funding.

In her role as the former CEO and DG of MIDA, our Chairman, Datuk Wira Jalilah Baba, acquired first-hand knowledge and experience in evaluating and assessing business proposals, especially those seeking for funding or assistance. Leveraging on this wealth of knowledge, we are well-versed with the exact requirements and criteria that the authorities have put in place, and are able to assist our clients successfully secure the required funding.

Due to our notable efforts to bring foreign investment into Malaysia, we have established a deep understanding of the workings of the local authorities, and therefore can achieve the desired outcomes in a much more efficient, timely and cost-effective manner for our clients.

We specialise in:

  • Government Liaison
    Our experienced consultants are able to advise clients on the right government agencies to approach based on their industry and requirements. For those not familiar with the Malaysian landscape, we will educate them on regulations, processes, and protocol involved when dealing with the relevant agencies.

  • Obtaining Licenses, Incentives and Grants
    We can assist to open the right doors to smoothen the process of obtaining the necessary approvals, licenses, grants or other financing options from the relevant authorities.

  • Business Matching
    Recognising that a strong business-to-business brand requires the right networking, we help connect your business to the right partners

  • Project Financing
    We aid expanding businesses, including MNCs and SMEs to acquire funding from potential investors, through private equities or government funds and grants.

  • PR & Media Communications
    We will develop tailor-made publicity / communication strategies for our clients to boost their brands.